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Welcome To Home N Health

At our clinic, we get great satisfaction and encouragement from the results we have achieved with homeopathic treatments over these years.

No matter what state of health you are in you can still improve it. If you are looking to attain optimal health in a safe and natural way then you have come to the right place. We work together as a team to solve complex cases.


Providing Better health care for families

Improves quality of Life

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Dr.Pankil Dhruv

Family Homeopath

A young dynamic homeopath graduated in 2012 from CMP Homoeopathic Medical College in Mumbai (BHMS), later did his post-graduation studies (CCAH, FCAH) in Advanced Homeopathy. Runs his busy private practice in Mumbai and provides online consultation to overseas patients, believes in core human values, known for his caring attitude and concept of Homoeopathy with Blend of FengShui.


ABOUT Home n Health

Home n Health aims at reaching out to more people across the globe through the clinic and digital platform using the sweetest army, Homeopathy and Therapeutic Fengshui to heal many.

Advanced Healing Science

Only healthcare system in the world which analyzes your individual symptoms at the physical and emotional plane and prescribes tailor-made medicines especially suited for your constitutional well-being.


Homeopathic remedies are highly potentized, natural substances, specially prepared in FDA approved laboratories. Absolutely safe for children, pregnant women, seniors, and animals.

Blend of Classical Fengshui

We believe in treating the internal as well as external factors affecting overall state of imbalance. Very idea conceptualized by Dr.Pankil and his team of experts creating a perfect state of harmony.

Safe & Affordable Treatment

Homeopathic medicines are non-toxic and harmless and do not have any adverse side effects and are much less expensive.

Care and Quality Treatment

We try to understand you and we care for your concerns. Our aim is to provide you with quality treatment from all over the world.

Complete System of Medicine

Homeopathic medicines are aimed at improving the level of health by stimulating the self-regulatory mechanism. Increases immunity and relieves chronic pains.

Benefits of Homeopathy

Treats the root cause

Very effective to give you more lasting results, completely safe and treatment of disease at a much deeper level. Medicines have well-proven efficacy.

Mind, Body & Emotions

A person’s illness is intimately linked to the individual and their life. For effective healing, you must treat the person as a whole.

Improves resistance & immunity

It acts favorably in boosting your immune system and resistance, evident by making you less prone to recurrent infections and allergies.

PERSONALIZED REMEDIES for over 150+ diseases

Homeopathic remedies are tailored to the individual with their exact symptoms and depth of the case. Its a complete designer approach to your treatment.


Before & After: Successful Cases

Before and after photos of common and rare cases, many of which are known to be life-long ailments. Cases presented here have been cured by Dr. Pankil Dhruv using his homeopathic expertise.


  • Skin Health

    Skin complaints have troubled everyone in some phase of their lives and one tries various techniques to get rid of them.

    Homeopathy has come more in focus because of its ability to cure them effectively without any side effects. They generally have a deep underlying cause precipitating the skin eruption and therefore applying ointments locally hardly helps a permanent cure.


    – Acne, Urticaria, Eczema, Lichen planus,
    – Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Varicose Dermatitis,
    – Allergic/ Contact Dermatitis,
    – Atopic Dermatitis, Fungal Infections, Tinea,
    – Herpes, Warts, Corns,
    – Pemphigus, Hairfall, Alopecia areata

  • Child’s Health

    Every child is gifted, they just unwrap their packages at different times.

    Children are the best beneficiaries of Homoeopathy. Parents often think that this is because of the ease with which children accept sweet homeopathic medicines!

    We have successfully treated all common Pediatrics issues like:

    Recurrent tonsillitis, Respiratory tract infections, allergies, asthma, skin complaints like eczema, psoriasis, weak digestion, Bed Wetting. Children with behavioral problems too are successfully tackled with homeopathy.

    Our clinic has a large amount of children patients who have strong allergies to various substances in the form of food allergy/ skin allergy & respiratory allergy.

    The aim of homeopathy is to stimulate the child’s own curative power to cure them. As a result, the child does not fall sick frequently.

  • Women’s Health

    Hormonal changes affect mood & temperament especially by women during premenstrual syndrome (before menses), pregnancy, post-partum and menopause. There are a lot of hormonal changes right from the time of puberty to pregnancy & finally during menopause.

    With Homeopathy we have been able to help women physically in their complaints and emotionally to cope up with the stresses that they undergo.

    Some of the conditions that we have treated successfully:

    – Benign cysts in the breast
    – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ( PCOS/ PCOD)
    – Irregular menses
    – Urinary tract infection
    – Infertility
    – Fibroids
    – Menopausal syndrome
    – Depression

  • Men’s Health

    Working adult and men’s health undergoes a great turmoil in the early ’30s to 50’s due to work pressure, family responsibility, inadequate time for oneself and lack of regular exercise and sleeping habits.

    Homeopathy has a great role to address their physical and mental health aspect as seen together as one entity in order to correct these internal imbalances. It provides back the original health, ease the dependence over other medications and helps to work with full enthusiasm and with full efficiency.

    Common illness we treat:

    – Anxieties and performance pressure,
    – Sports injuries, muscular tension, Back pain, Gastritis,
    – Migraines, Acidity, Kidney stone, Sleeplessness,
    – Hypertension, Sexual Dysfunction.

  • Homeopathy for a healthy retirement

    As we age, our metabolism slows and our body functions alter. For such seniors who do become ill, homeopathy can be immensely helpful. Since homeopathy is based on matching a remedy to the specific physical, mental, and emotional symptoms of the individual, there is not just one remedy for certain specific ailments of seniors. In addition to the problem of side effects of modern medicines in chronic illness and medical expenses, Homeopathy offers a holistic solution to a senior’s health problems, with remedies that are gentle, safe, and inexpensive.

    Common Elderly illness, which we treat:

    –  Arthritis
    –  Joint pains (OA, RA)
    –  Sleeplessness
    –  Prostrate problems
    –  Depression
    –  Weak immunity and weak memory.


Feedback From Our Valuable Patients

Aziza McComas
Kuwait City

Asperger Syndrome

My son and I have the best experience with homeopathic treatments performed by Dr. Pankil H. DRUHV. He cured my teenager son's disorder within half a year, which seems was impossible to treat for many years by allopathic professionals in USA and GCC countries.

Unnati Mashruwala Shah
Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Dr. Pankil is an excellent doctor. very patient, and caring towards his patients. I took his treatment for the cyst in my eyes and it got cured within no time. Who says Homeopathy is slow. I am very thankful to him for all his help and support.

Kavya Shah
Bhavnagar, Gujarat

Skin Allergy

I have always responded well to the Dr.Pankil's treatment for all my issues...I reside in Bhavnagar and inspite of the clinic being in Mumbai through phone call/skype conversation he could solve my problems. I feel safe in his hands. Thank you homenhealth!

Manan Shah
Bhavnagar, Gujarat


My experience with Dr.Pankil has been great! The best thing about him is punctuality and have been very kind and humble to guide me. His homeopathic treatment helps me recover fast. Thank you !!!

Dhara Mashruwala
Ahmedabad, Gujarat


I visited Dr. Pankil 6 months back, I was facing skin issues but after his medicines, my problem got cured within 2 months. I am very much delighted as he cured my skin problem of its roots. He is truly gifted and he has deep knowledge in Homeopathy that is what I have understood since I met him. Great Experience and worth giving a reference.

Jolly Dagli
Surrendranagar, Gujarat


Very good service provided by Dr. Pankil.He understands our illness very well and cures it. Thank you so much.

Prabhudas Dhruv
Amreli, Gujarat


Very sincere and dedicated doctor. Much relieved from my asthma trouble, He takes care of your health very minutely and gives you the best treatment and medicines. Highly recommended. Good job Dr. Pankil - Many Blessing to You.

Jinal Dharek
Mumbai, India


I was suffering from acute eczema... and got relief by 80% in just a few months. Then after with due course of treatment got completely better!  Was tired of taking allopathic medicines from so many years. Dr.Pankil is having excellent knowledge of homeopathy. Thank you, sir.

The highest ideal of a cure is a rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles - Dr. Samuel Hahnemann