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What is Homeopathy?

HOMEOPATHY is the 2nd largest system of medicine in the world as per the World Health Organization (WHO), being practiced in over 120 countries worldwide, is gradually increasing. Just over 200 years old, Homeopathy was founded by the great German physician Dr.Samuel Hahnemann in 1796 and is thus the youngest of all the medical sciences. Homeopathy is based on the law of similar, according to which, a substance capable of producing certain symptoms in a healthy individual is capable of treating similar symptoms in a diseased person. Thus, It evokes a healing response from the body itself rather than trying to suppress the disease manifestation.

The human being is not a mechanical totality of different parts they are really separate and distinct but are actually fully integrated. Based on this perspective, a homeopath understands a complete Human being as an individual because no two persons are the same. Hence homeopathy treats the complete diseased being which is much beyond then the treatment which is only at a diagnostic level. It takes a lot of effort and time for Homeopath to work with you to heal you from your root cause.

This principle has also been mentioned by that ancient Indian poet Kavi-Kalidasa:

Shruyate hi pura loke, vishasya visham aushadham“. Translated this reads: “It has been said of old time in the world that poison is the remedy for poison.” Hippocrates postulated this principle in the words, “Simillia Similibus Curentur” (likes are cured by likes).

The practice of Homoeopathy is based on certain fundamental principles. Firstly, the remedies that are used are tested on human volunteers (provers) to elicit the symptoms they can produce. The symptoms of each remedy experienced by the provers are recorded in exact detail and they form the Homoeopathic materia medica. The symptoms of the patient are matched with the symptoms of the various remedies in the materia medica to find out the single remedy whose symptoms are most similar to those of the patient (like cures like).

Unlike a machine, it develops, carries on its function and repairs itself independently. In this sense, everyone carries within him his own doctor. Ancient physicians were familiar with this natural power of the organism to control disease and they invented for it a beautiful expression.
Vis Medicatrix Nature” (Healing power of nature).

This healing power is a function of the life force itself.. Often, people who get wet in the rain, only one gets pneumonia. Most bacteria can affect us only when our own healing power of resistance is low. By removing the bacteria (by antibiotics, etc.) we are doing nothing to correct this lack of resistance.

Homeopathic medicine aims to correct the disturbed vital force and thus enhances the power of the body to heal itself. It does not aim at removing the symptoms of the parts affected, but treats the cause and restores health.

Sickness is like a Guitar whose correct tuning has been disturbed. Naturally, all the notes from such a guitar will be far from melodious. There is no use trying to correct the individual notes. It is the disturbance in tuning itself, which has to be corrected. Medicines tell the body ‘What to do?’ – the actual work is done by the body itself.

Homeopathy recognizes the body as a unified whole of physical as well as psychological components and confronts the problem from deep within. This is why it offers hope to many cases deemed ‘incurable’ by other medical systems. Dr. Pankil Dhruv has successfully treated numerous such difficult cases using the goodness of Homeopathy.


Homeopathy related queries:

Does Homoeopathy take a long time?

It is a myth that homeopathy is slow acting. Most of the times what happens is the patient comes to us with the long history of chronic illness. Therefore the treatment takes time. Homeopathy is in fact fast acting in acute conditions such as fever, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.

Generally, in chronic cases, the treatment duration of chronic problems depends on the length of time that the disease has affected the person. For example, a disease that a person has suffered with since 2-3 years may take at least 3-4 months to cure. The individual reaction to the medication and the type of illness determines the duration of treatment required.

Can Homoeopathy aggravate your Problems?

Rarely after the homeopathic treatment is given there can be an increase in your complaints. There can be two reasons for this. First and the more common reason can be the stopping of painkillers or ointment applications which may have kept your symptoms suppressed for a long time and due to the removal of that factor, the complaints will be experienced in its actual intensity. In that case, homeopathic medicine will gradually bring the whole thing under control.

Another possibility is that after the homeopathic treatment there is slight and short worsening followed by rapid relief. This initial worsening is often the reaction of our body before the cure occurs and is a very good sign.

Another reaction that may be noticed during the course of homeopathic treatment is that your original problems will get better gradually and then some new symptoms may appear. These new problems may indicate that we need to change your medicine and give you something that will cover this new picture and thereby help you in achieving a complete cure.

Do Homeopathic medicines interfere with the action of the allopathic medication?

Homeopathic remedies have no known reaction with conventional drugs or interference with their action. As the medicine action varies between the two systems, in certain cases it is generally known to be harmless to take both therapies together.

Usually, it has been seen that in chronic cases where the patient has been on long-term drug therapy, (antihypertensives, diabetic medication etc), the Homeopathic medication can be given simultaneously with these, without any adverse reactions.

Does Homeopathy work in acute cases, can it work fast?

Yes!! Homeopathy can give prompt relief in acute cases like fever, cough, cold, diarrhea, headaches etc. It can provide prompt relief in acute conditions, within 20-30min in abdominal colic, gallstone pain. It can bring down temperatures in just 20 minutes in case of high fevers and works effectively in dengue, typhoid etc. Gastritis, Urinary infections, abscesses, Boils, conjunctivitis, and tonsillitis, are few of the acute conditions that can be effectively treated with Homeopathy.

Do homeopathic medicines have side-effects?

No, homeopathic medicines do not cause any side-effects when taken under the supervision of the Homoeopathic doctor and as per the accurate doses as suggested!

Medicine-related queries:

Do homeopathic medicines contain steroids?

No!!  Homeopathic medicines do not contain steroids. This is an Absolute misconception. Homeopathic medication is sourced from herbs, plants, animal sources, chemicals and minerals, and also substances that are inert in their natural state. Steroids are not a part of Homeopathic medication.
The action of Homeopathic medication is less understood, and many a time its cures and fast reactions are misinterpreted to be the action of steroids, which has essentially brought about this misconception.

People at time feel that a steroid is used to bring about this change. But it is not true, when the right remedy works, the patient not only sees a change in the complaints but also at the level of his general state, the general well being which doesn’t happen when on steroids.

Also, long-term use of steroids has their side effects like weight gain, moon face, excessive body hair to name a few. The commonly performed test to find out steroids is the “Colorimetric Method” test which gives a false positive result for any reducing sugar, aldehyde (Homeopathic medicines are sugar, lactose & alcohol based). The best test to find out if the medicine contains steroids is the “Liberman Buchard” test. Thin layer chromatography method & a UV absorption method. This method helps in differentiating & finding out if the substance indeed contains steroids.

What do the Homeopathic medicines contain?

The medicines are sourced from plants, animal, mineral kingdoms, and body tissues, all in minuscule doses. The substance is put through the process of potentization, and the resulting potencies or dilutions are prepared with a form of dispensing alcohol and are preserved with them.

For example, Natrum Muriaticum is the remedy prepared from common salt, Aurum Metalicum is the remedy prepared from Gold, Argentum Nitricum is the remedy prepared from silver, etc

Remedies prepared from plants are Arnica, Hypericum, Aconite, Belladonna, Bryonia, Calendula, Rhus Tox, etc. Remedies prepared from an animal source are Lachesis, Naja, Lac can, Tarantula. etc

Can we use Homoeopathy for infants and Kids?

Homeopathy has the excellent result in infants even few days or months old. Infant colic, fevers, colds etc. can be well taken care of. Being infinitesimally small doses, in fact, these medicines are safe and can, therefore, be safely given to babies, children, and elderly people. Without any fears, anybody can start homeopathic treatment at any time in his life.

Can Diabetic patients take sweet Homoeopathic pills?

The amount of sugar present is negligible for it to affect diabetics. It can help prevent Diabetic complications and dependence on heavy anti-diabetic medicines.

Are all the medicines in the form of white globules or pills?

The much loved small white globules are just used to dispense the medicines. A few drops of the medication that are in the form of liquid dilutions is poured on to globules, and this is allowed to be fully absorbed by the globules. At which point the prescribed dose of medication can be taken by taking 4-6-10 pills or as directed.

Most homeopathic medicines are in the form of dilutions or potencies which are in the liquid form and preserved in alcohol. There are more than 5000 Homeopathic remedies to prescribe from and new medicines are added to the list regularly. Other types of Homoeopathic medicines are tinctures which are in liquid form to be diluted in water and taken as they are concentrated and bitter. Biochemical or tissue salts are available in powder and tablet forms.

The content within these white sugar pills aims to cure you.

Do I take the medication on an empty stomach?

Our medication can be taken on an empty stomach, after breakfast, after lunch or at any time of the day. The only precaution is to keep the mouth clean 15-20 minutes before and after the dose. This is necessary to allow proper absorption of the medication through the tongue.

How long does the medication last?

Homeopathic medication can last very long when preserved in dry conditions and away from sunlight in a cool dark place. They must be discarded when they get moist or change color to a yellow taint. We prescribe medication for overseas patients, patients on long travel etc, for three to six months at a stretch. Please remember that the medication must be kept away from strong smelling substances like camphor, mint, menthol, strong oils and perfumes etc.

What are Dosage Instruction?

Homeopathic medicines taste sweet in the form of pills and powder, but they taste bitter or strong in a liquid form. You may take liquid medicines with water. We suggest rinsing it in the mouth and then drink it.

Pills and powder may be placed below the tongue for faster action.
You may or may not drink water after consuming homeopathic pills or powder.

Avoid eating foods with a strong smell – such as ginger, garlic, etc. 30 minutes before and after taking homeopathic medicines.

You don’t have to store homeopathic medicines in the refrigerator, avoid keeping them in warm places, such as above the refrigerator, near other electronic devices, Mobile, incense or a gas stove.

Keep it away from the reach of children, to prevent them from eating your medicine as a sweet. Handle glass bottles carefully.

There is no particular time to take homeopathic medicines, unless specified but they should ideally be taken half an hour before or after a meal.

Homeopathic medicines can be carried safely while you are travelling.

Treatment-related queries:

Why does the interview take so long?

There are different modes of the treatment plan, in acute illness, a short case is taken to prescribe on predominant symptoms, sometimes from Homoeopathic fit aid kit. But if your disease is chronic or relapsing and needs a definite solution then detailed case history is needed.

The homeopath aims not at the disease but at raising your Immune Response. To target this, he needs to know your entire personality: physically, intellectually, emotionally and also your subconscious pattern. A collection of all these together helps in the selection of the medicine. Hence the extensive case-taking process helps us to put all these aspects together.

Dr.Pankil says this is like sketching your portrait of diseases and putting all the puzzle together to understand your case in most minute details and to travel with you in your life journey. This gives us the indication to unlock your immense healing potential and to map your treatment plan.

For which diseases I can take homeopathic treatment?

Homeopathic medicines are having efficacy to treat all kind of diseases, In homeopathy, the prescription is based not on the name of the particular disease but it is based on the whole constitution of that person. Dr.Pankil has worked with patients of following diseases with successful results:

Our Homeopathic treatment works excellently in:

– Skin and hair complaints
– Respiratory problem
– Allergies and Autoimmune diseases
– Digestive troubles
– Kidney problems
– Migraines
– Female problems
– Male sexual problems
– Neurological complaints
– Joint troubles
– Children complaints (Pediatric group)
– Thyroid disorders and other endocrine imbalances
– Psychiatric complaints.

Without any fears, anybody can start homeopathic treatment at any time in his life.

What should I avoid during the treatment?

Avoid use of any external applications like balms, ointments etc., which have camphor or menthol in them. Avoid strong perfumes. You can consume your regular tea and coffee but if you are not used to these things refrain from doing anything new during the course of the treatment. Do not stop any allopathic medication on your own. These medications have to be tapered down under medical supervision.

What should we expect from the treatment?

You should find an improvement in all spheres:

– The intensity and frequency of your chief complaint.
– Your general criteria -appetite, sleep, dreams, energy levels.
– Your moods, temperaments,
– Your capacity to deal with stress, sensitive issues, and your overall mental state.

What if I develop a viral infection or any acute problem during the course of treatment?

At Home n Health clinic, we can help in every acute problem very effectively and you will not need to resort to any other form of treatment. The medicines given at this time are fast acting and can relieve you of any discomfort, pain etc. At times these episodes are very characteristic to the individual and help in understanding the longstanding complaint in a better way. Consequently, the long-standing problem is helped better and the frequency of such acute episodes also reduces. We shall ourselves guide to a specialist if need be in times of crisis.

Is Homoeopathy Cost-effective treatment?

Homeopathic treatment is extremely cost-effective in the long run especially keeping in mind that treatment is sought for chronic diseases that need long-term treatment. Moreover, we at Home n Health clinic provide consultation + High-quality Homoeopathic Medicines which are imported from various Indian and International pharmacies.

Homeopathic treatment is inexpensive as compared to medicines from the other medical systems. Homeopathy also obviates the need for surgery in a number of conditions such as warts, piles, fissures, tonsillitis, ovarian cysts and kidney stones for which patient may otherwise have to pay up a lot for conventional treatment methods and surgery.

It’s the quality of medicines and quality of knowledge with your Homeopaths, which ultimately matters. The art with which he perceives your case and plans the treatment is of utmost importance.

Clinic related queries:

What is the procedure to take a treatment at Home n Health clinic?

a) To visit personally at Clinic, fill Appointment request form, You will receive a call from the clinic for confirmation and fix up available suitable date & time for your appointment with Dr.Pankil Dhruv.

b) For Online Treatment click on ‘Online Treatment’, fill the required details & Submit. You will receive a Mail/call/message from the clinic to schedule online appointment and information, In which Dr.Pankil Dhruv will communicate with you on Skype, Video call, Phone or Mail and will discuss your problem in detail with you. After complete understanding of your problem, you will be sent Medicines at your place, as soon as your payment transaction will be finished.

Will I have Minimum waiting time at clinic?

The clinic infrastructure, schedule, and facilities are designed in such a way that every patient gets adequate quality time with the doctors. We believe in the policy of minimum waiting time.

Hence all appointments, New case & follow-ups, are strictly by appointments only. This nullifies our patients’ waiting time and their inconvenience.

We stay far, can we consult doctor online and get the medicines couriered?

Yes of course! With the help of modern-day technology, we do cater our patients from all major states of India and over 12 Different countries across. Kindly refer our appointment section for more details.

In Case if you have any other queries, not mentioned above then feel free to get in touch with us on clinic@homenhealth.in we would be happy to answer you and add it to our list.