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Online Consultation

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Mumbai Clients, Outside Mumbai Clients & Overseas Clients

We provide the facility for patients residing in Mumbai, outside Mumbai and Overseas to consult online with Dr.Pankil Dhruv.

Wherein, you can get effective homeopathic treatment without leaving your home or office. We do have a substantial number of cases successfully treated over the phone or by web consultation.

Home n Health Clinic has a global reach to its clients in various countries world over. To facilitate communication with our global patients and also Indian patients we are available online as well through a state of modern art and technology.

Clients: People who suffer from various types of diseases and pathologies and can be helped with long-distance consultations, they can avail this facility. After consultations patients may be asked to go for some pathological investigations if required or we will go through the investigation which you would have already done.

Booking: Once you book an appointment, you can download our clinic case record form. Once filled the form must be e-mailed to the clinic before the consultation. This case record gives the doctors a complete idea about your health status. Following this, you are seen online

Online Video Consultation

Case Interview

The first interview last for 1- 1 ½ hour via Skype. In this interview, the doctors understand your complaints & your personality pattern. Once the interview is complete, the doctors explain the next course of treatment. Patients purchase the medication from the clinic and the same can be courier to your postal address. The details will be given before the consultation.


The follow-ups are done every month via call, skype or e-mail, where you can mail us a detailed follow up about how you are doing after the remedy treatment. The clinic evaluates these & recommends the necessary modification in the treatment.  In the course of treatment follow up will be done regularly to evaluate your condition and help you further.


E-mail us to know about the charges. Kindly mention the complaint that you would like to consult for and the country of your residence.

Mail us for your queries, doubts, pricing & appointment requirements.

Enquire Now

Steps For Online Consultations

1. Inquiry- Fix Appointment

Call or email us directly if you need clinic visit or Online appointment to know how our treatment can benefit you. We will schedule a suitable date and time.

2. Provide Case Details

Short Questionnaire case form will be emailed to you, fill it and send us back.

3. Choose Treatment Plan

Make payment by bank transfer, Pay TM, Cash acceptable for the plan you choose.

4. Case Taking – Meeting the Doctor

Online consultation for 60 min, getting a precise plan of treatment, diet and lifestyle recommendations.

5. Receiving Your Medicines

We will courier you Homeopathic medicines or in some cases, we shall prescribe you to buy it from your nearest reliable Homeopathic store.

6. Follow up’s

We believe in the system of regular follow up to know case progress and to monitor closely. Once in 3 weeks or more if needed. Feel free to approach us.

Note for Patient


Homeopathy remains one of the most cost-effective approaches to healthcare, as well as the most non-toxic, side-effect-free approach in the world.

We are always happy to help: Many times patients just need a quick answer to a question or have a minor symptom that just needs a few moments of our time. maybe they just need some reassurance. if they are relatively simple, we will always try first, to handle them with a message or email, which is at no extra charge. We understand how important your health is for you.

We can help you get better, no matter what state of health you are in and keep you and your family truly healthy, only thing required is your full cooperation and wish to be cured. It is the best way in the world to avoid rising healthcare costs!